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My sympathies go out to those who have purchased the Rolex Explorer I214270. In addition to those who “know” it simply because they like the way it looks (of course), there are some very thoughtful Explorer I customers who have done a lot of work. Before buying your first (or next) Rolex, do your research. They researched the Submariner, SubmarinerDate, and OysterPerpetual, all of which are on the side of the Explorer I in terms of price and features. You can stay in touch with people who end up using the Explorer I 214270, but when you buy an affordable Rolex today, you’re still not sure if this is the watch you want to buy.

It’s easy to get lost when viewing hundreds of forum pages and reviews. When it comes to choosing a replica Rolex Explorer watches, there are countless videos dedicated to making the “best for you” decision. Cyclops fans, Cerachrome ceramic bezels, OP (Oyster Eternal to us humans) value proposition missionaries, greatest haters, detractors and followers of the instruction manual comparator, and the list goes on and on. When looking for the best rolex watches to make money on, I may struggle mentally with the entire article or book.

Fortunately, modern Rolex stainless steel watches excel at maintaining value, so you can get out of trouble without losing too much if you find yourself in the wrong place. … However, the goal here is to help you determine if the Rolex Explorer I 214270 is right for you.

The sophisticated imitation Rolex Explorer watch is essentially a “dateless” hybrid of an Oyster Perpetual 39 and a Submariner, complete with case, bezel, dial, bracelet and movement. This leads me to the point that many people feel that they can take advantage of both price and functionality when used with the Explorer I. There is a lot of fine print between the three sets of tools.

There are many subtle differences between the three sets of tools, but the priorities and approach are the same, but here’s a quick rundown of the type of browser I’m comfortable with.

It’s essentially the OP 39mm Oyster check valve with a slightly curvier profile than the flat trapezoidal profile of the 40mm Oyster Submariner. The Resource Manager I have a different baffle. The OP has a domed, highly polished bezel, while the Explorer I has what Rolex calls a “smooth” bezel. It’s equally well polished, but with a flat surface. Not the raised bezel of the OP. There is no Cerachrom anywhere in the Explorer I. This means that the steel bezel has at least some swirls, but you don’t have to worry about breaking the Cerachrom retaining ring inserts. The “Explorer” I is water resistant to 100 meters and the “Submarine” is rated to 300 meters. As you may have noticed, this is certainly a trade-off game.

The Rolex Explorer I 214270 movement is a Rolex 3132, the same as the Oyster Perpetual 39. The only major difference between the Submariner’s “No Date” and the 3130 is that both the Explorer and the OP have “high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers”, but, oddly, have the same “high performance Paraflex diving watch”, which is the same as the Oyster Perpetual 39. The pedigree Submariner but not. That is. The picture below shows the Paraflex shock absorbers for the Rolex Explorer. Like all luxury rolex watch produced today, they have the best precision stopwatch accuracy, but with a 2 + 2 and 5 year international warranty, OP, Explorer I, Submariner they all have a 48 hour power reserve, much less than the new generation. The Rolex 32xx movement has a power reserve of over 70 hours. Learn more about.

The Rolex Explorer I 214270 dial has a blue Chromalight display. This is essentially BGW9 luminescent material that lasts longer than the standard Super-Lumi Nova C3, but does not light up when charged. I prefer the long-lasting Chromalight blue tint to the Super-Lumi Nova temporary illumination found in units like the Panerais.

The small minute hand of the previous generation Explorer I was updated for BaselWorld 2016 with the Rolex Explorer I 214270. couldn’t lift the phone out of the 36mm movement, but is designed for 39mm wide watches. My guess is that I shouldn’t even be using such a small Explorer, nor should it last that long.

The finish is noticeably thinner than that of a submarine, but the dial is as shiny as Elton John’s claws, with 18 carat white gold “pro hands” shine and nasty plating. It’s a combination of non-AR dazzling reflectivity. Sapphire front mirror.

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